Here’s some information design books that I’ve personally found extremely helpful over the years. We were introduced to Edward Tufte at university and The Visual Display of Quantitive Information proved to be not just a fantastic foundation for information design and infographics but also for graphic design as a whole.

I’ve included Information is Beautiful despite it being a hard sell after reading Tufte (not the clearest or best way to represent data, far too many pie charts). It’s a good book to take inspiration from when producing content for web. I’d advise people to take stylistic inspiration but stick to the core principles from the other ones. Always try and work with facts, I’ve found that the quality of the data/information is always the most important thing to get right.

I’m not going to do individual book reviews just yet – they’re all invaluable in their own right. I’ll go through and pick out some highlights and examples from each of them in the coming weeks.