In December of this year, I was asked by the digital marketing company Datadial to help them to realise an innovative concept for an exhibition stand at the Digital Marketing Show 2015.

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I have worked on several exhibition design projects this being the first for an expo. The idea was to present the infographics that Datadial specialise in as works of art in ornate frames alongside four large infographic case studies which would take up their own wall next to the framed graphics.

The case studies I created for the exhibition design utilised Datadials bold black and orange and their branding was applied subtly so as not to be imposing.

A modern approach was taken with the typography for the stand to reflect the companies aims and tech based clientele. I worked closely with a copywriter to refine a language for the labels which would draw influence from gallery labelling and tone without appearing clichéd.

The day was an overriding success, with exceptional feedback from both Datadial and prospective clients attending the show. I was invited to attend one of the days to help Datadial to talk about the the use of infographics in content marketing and SEO. They continue to push a creative, design-led approach and I look forward to working with them into the future.