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Infographics are used by brands and organisations to connect with consumers, enhance off-site SEO and provide useful content to audiences. Visual content such as infographics that can be easily shared or embedded can improve long form text articles, brighten up a social media feed and give emails the wow factor you need to stand out.

Infographic design doesn’t need to be flat and corporate, I pride myself on creating bespoke, creative content that stands out from the crowd.

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Infographic Designs

I produce infographics for brands and organisations looking to engage consumers, provide valuable content to audiences and enhance off site SEO. I work in a wide range of styles, adapting illustrative styles and icons to suit brand guidelines, tone of voice and audience type.

Creative Content

I specialise in creative infographic design that goes above and beyond to stand out. My designs are frequently picked up by top media organisations, news companies and content distributors looking for unique, creative content. Infographics have moved towards a somewhat generic, ‘flat’ style of illustration. In my work I try to move away from this, creating styles that suit the specific brief and audience. I take inspiration from editorial design and try to apply the same creativity to digital infographics.

Featured Content

My infographic design work is frequently featured on high authority news websites and blogs. This is good for both brand exposure and off site SEO. It’s also a way of promoting what you do by sharing content in a field where you can genuinely add value. Most consumers would rather see a well designed infographic on how to correct your posture than an advert pushing an expensive chair. Establishing yourself as an authority in your subject creates a lasting relationship with your customers / consumers.

How I work

Typically, infographic design work begins with a brief. If you’ve never made one of these before then no problem! I have several sample briefs prepared that you can use as a template. Just let me know if you would like me to send you these.

Depending on timeline, I will provide sketches or rough digital compositions to ensure that the work is heading in the right direction.

A brief typically contains the copy and research that you have prepared around a chosen topic. If you don’t have this then I can help to suggest topics relevant to your subject and we can work on a brief together. I often work in close collaboration with a number of researchers and copywriters so it’s never a problem to help you to develop an idea from scratch.

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Types of infographic

From massive, definitive graphics to micro-content, the graphics that I produce can be used in any number of different formats. There has recently been a move towards ‘micro-content’ that is especially useful for sharing across platforms, often alongside an accompanying long tail article.

I have a solid background in print design and an extensive knowledge of the printing process stemming from a background working in a print shop on 4 colour Heidelberg machines. Form brochures to posters, I can help with all aspects of printed infographics and reports.

Clients increasingly come to me looking for interactive web content and microsites. I have been quick to move my business towards supplying these formats and am now proud to be able to offer a range of microsite builds, websites and even ecommerce builds. Having someone reliable that can handle all aspects of the job saves money, time and your email inbox!

Case Studies

Gifographic Design – Shared Parental Leave

This Gifographic was designed for Total Jobs as part of their Inside Jobs Blog Content Strategy. Specialist graphics such as GIFs can really help content stand out as well as giving an extra dimension to the image itself. I designed a series of social media assets and GIFs that were used as part of the media campaign around this graphic and report (also designed by me).

I now work on animations and GIFs for a number of clients as they seek to differentiate their content from their competitors.

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The Amazing Extinct Mammals of Great Britain

This infographic was designed for Wilderness Reserve and illustrates mammals that have recently become extinct in the United Kingdom. The illustrations are done in a low poly style. I was responsible for the content, idea and delivery of this infographic. It was turne around over the space of a weekend and was presented to the client alongside a black and white version.

Media pick up was excellent and this graphic was featured prominently on Mashable alongside many others.

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50 Classic British Cars

This large infographic was designed for I worked from the ground up on this one. All illustrations were created by myself in Adobe Illustrator. I was also responsible for sourcing and researching the side views of each car. The illustrations took around a week of solid work to produce. I hope to repurpose and expand on this idea by making this into a series and printing in a wall chart format

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Space Rovers

This is another infographic created for design911. As well as the illustrations, I was also responsible for the copy writing and research. I used data from several sources but fortunately only really need to focus on the incredible repository upheld by NASA.

This infographic was one of the best performing that I have designed. To date it has received over 2 million views on social image sharing site Imgur. As a result of this exposure, it has featured on countless blogs and relevant media publications.

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Does Size Matter – The Follow-Up Infographic

This infographic was designed for Total Jobs as a follow-up to a microsite I designed for them. The microsite gathered simple data from a quiz and logged it in an admin section. This gave us access to an impressive amount of data that the team at Total Jobs adapted into a brief for me. I used the same illustration style as the microsite.

Microsites can be powerful tools for data capture and also offer another layer of engagement that sometimes infographics can’t provide. Click here to find out more about the microsites that I design and develop.

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Interoperable Master Format, print and digital

This infographic design was made for Visual Data Media and takes a slightly more corporate approach than some of the others on my site. This graphic was used to explain what is quite a complex area to their target market through an email, print and social media campaign. Adding a visual aspect to complex subjects can help clarify the information and present it in a more stimulating, engaging manner,

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A Minimalist Guide to Diets

This infographic design was created for They supply a range of vegetarian and vegan supplements. I was responsible for the concept behind this infographic, illustration, design and much of the research.

This infographic did excellently on social media and was featured on a number of high authority sites including the Daily Mail and many lifestyle / healthy eating blogs.

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