Since travelling to Egypt on a paper making trip with A.P.E last year (information on this trip coming very soon), I have a been working on a couple of products. At the moment, I’m focusing on Jamaica Water – a blend of hibiscus and dried fruit. Hibiscus is drunk all over the world in various forms as both a hot and cold drink.

aguas frescas as they are sold in South America

A selection of aguas frescas as they are sold in South America

I first came across the drink in South America where it is known as ‘Agua de Jamaica’. It’s served alongside other aguas frescas and mixed with lime, sugar and sometimes ginger. It’s full of vitamin C and other minerals and has been proven to help lower blood pressure.  I’m working on the brand with Joe Shervell of (also coming soon) we will hopefully be selling in a few local shops as well as on this site and a dedicated online shop. We hope to present it as an alternative to sugary juices and squash and eventually hope to sell as a bottled drink. The flavour is incredibly full and without sugar is a tart, cranberry like drink. It is used as a base for many herbal and fruit teas but is not frequently enjoyed by itself – as we believe it should be!

I’ve always been interested in setting up little food businesses and creating identities in this sector – plenty more attempts to come!

I’ll keep my blog posted with updates and hopefully a few recipes for how to make your own.

Update – website now ‘soft launched’ Have a look at the new Jamaica Water website here