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Providing valuable content to your audience can be a fantastic way to engage visitors, increase social presence and establish your brand or company as an authority in a particular area. I am proud to work on websites, microsites and interactive content for a large number of clients from all over the world.

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Microsite design and development work is now a significant part of my business. I develop and design interactive microsites and websites for many UK and international clients. These websites are frequently used as part of on-site SEO strategies to drive traffic and encourage social shares. Providing valuable content to your audience can be a fantastic way to engage visitors, increase social presence and establish your brand or company as an authority in a particular area. I have developed several “Definitive Guides to…” that are especially useful in this area, targeting high volume search terms with one stop guides.

I work with a small team of talented developers and as such am able to cover everything from Woocommerce based online stores to the latest in custom built HTML5 interactive microsites. We are WordPress specialists, harnessing its capabilities to provide customers with an easy and accessible way to update content without the need for technical help. Alongside WordPress and hand-coded builds we also keep up to date with the latest rapid development and prototyping tools such as Webflow and its shiny new CMS which is already proving popular with clients.

We frequently work with different API’s such as Google Maps which have resulted in some fantastic projects. These always prove to be a popular resource for users – check out this Definitive Guide to Wedding Venues. The client is able to update this map from a Google Fusion Table (fancy spreadsheet) with no need for any coding or development experience. Another platform we have recently begun to work with is timeline.js – this framework allows us to build responsive timelines which our clients can update from a simple Google Sheet. Here’s an example of a live timeline we’ve worked on recently.

Microsites can be easily placed in a subdomain of your site (yoursite.com/microsite) without the need to interfere with your core website files. This can be especially valuable for brands with high-traffic, complex builds – there’s no risk of conflicting files. We can deliver a folder which will work as soon a you upload it to your chosen subdomain (only more complex builds – user tracking etc. require any client side input at all!).

If you would like your existing branding and page structure applied to the microsite, this is possible however it will require access to your website’s back end so we can add a custom page template (presuming your site is based on a Content Management System such as WordPress).

As we can cover every stage of development and design, we are able to take sites from sketch to live within a super fast timeframe. This saves on both delivery costs and email volume! It also allows us to design intricate sites with a superb level of detailing and attention to typography and interactions at every responsive breakpoint. From the start we wireframe our builds at 3 screen sizes so you can get an accurate feel for your site before development even begins.

Case Studies

A History of Holidays

This interactive microsite was built for Holiday Supermarket. This was one of the more complex builds that I’ve been involved in recently and myself and the team really had to push what we knew to be possible. This was a particular challenge from a responsive point of view – getting it to work well on mobile was a challenge as a landscape world map isn’t particularly well suited to a tiny screen! We worked through these obstacles and I’m thrilled with the result. Feedback form the client has been excellent.

This was hand-coded using a number of different frameworks. The code is super clear and it’s very easy to add in new entries.

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Does size matter? An interactive quiz

This microsite was built for Total Jobs. The quiz was designed to help people determine what size company (what did you think I was talking about?!) would suit them best. I illustrated the site and completed the front-end development for this project with a bit of help from Daniel Bruce on the backend.

The illustrations were created after proposing several different styles. They fit well with the tone of the Total Jobs Blog and keep the site light-hearted and offbeat to match the puntastic name.

The quiz was mapped out into a flow diagram which I then had to translate into a suitable navigation system. The site works fantastically across multiple screen sizes. Feedback and media pick up have both been excellent.

The quiz records user data and logs it an admin section of the site. Within the first month we collected 8,000 unique entries. This data was then used for a follow up infographic which I also designed.  All credit to Mim at Total Jobs for the project management and survey design and Candida DaFonseca for the excellent copy.

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Charting the Elephant

Charting the Elephant is an extensive website commissioned by the University of the Arts London. The website aims to reveal the recent cultural and artistic heritage of the elephant and castle area.

The team at the London College of Communication (LCC) set out to research historic arts projects in the area, meticulously documenting everything they could find.

Originally conceived as an interactive map, once the scale became clear, we expanded the Charting the Elephant website to include a timeline and index. The website is a WordPress build with a lot of customisation. All of the data in the timeline, map and index is really easy to update, using a combination of google sheets, fusion tables and tablepress (a wordpress plug in that we customised).

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A Definitive Guide to SEO

This definitive guide to all things SEO was a massive build commissioned by London based Search Engine Marketing agency, Datadial. I worked on this project with an illustrator. The one page microsite includes a responsive shortcuts menu and several sections are custom coded with javascript based interactions. Alongside these interactions there is also various different media embeds.

The site contains everything you need to know about SEO and I’d recommend a read for any small business. A little knowledge in this area goes a long way.

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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Venues

This definitive guide to wedding venues in the UK is a simple, responsive microsite developed for wildernessreserve.com. The site was developed to highlight the number of venues that are available for weddings and receptions. The team researched some amazing facts about the unique and bizarre bookable venues.

The site features a custom built google map which updates from a google fusion table – more venues can be added in much the same way you would update a spreadsheet. This hopefully means that the site continues to be useful to viewers beyond its initial campaign. I worked alongside an illustrator on this site.

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EUPRERA 2017 Conference Website

This website has been developed for the EUPRERA 2017 London Conference. The site was commissioned by University of the Arts London. I built on some of the existing visual language that had been previously created for the conference and brought the bright colours and stark text into a digital context.

This site uses a CMS (Content Management System) which makes it extremely easy to update – essential as the client need to add information as it comes in. Alongside the site, we created instructional videos to make sure that any newcomers to the project could learn how to add content themselves.

Read more about EUPRERA here.

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Access Ropes Ecommerce

Access Ropes Limited is an ecommerce company that I run with a business partner. The site is a wordpress build running the ever popular Woocommerce. I am responsible for the identity and branding, website design, build and content management. The site is fully integrated with the secure Stripe payment system and it’s incredibly easy to add new products and pages with the help of a visual page builder. We supply to trade and small businesses in the access industries.

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