Been a while since I’ve done an update post – super busy as ever! Getting much better at keeping sites updated though and will be adding some fairly substantial changes to this site in the next couple of weeks to focus it on the type of design work that I’m seeing an increase in demand for. I’ve been working on some really cool interactives recently, excited to share them on here.

What I’d like to do in this post is to introduce a company that I’ve set up with a friend and business partner Mike Clark: Access Ropes. Access Ropes is an online store selling rope and accessories to the access industries. Initially it doesn’t seem overly connected to my design work but recently, I’ve been doing a lot more web design, wordpress builds and interactive microsites. When Mike came along with some excellent industry contacts and an idea for new business, he didn’t need to spend long persuading me.

access ropes logo image

The Access Ropes logo

It’s been a bit of a battle getting this past the post as my design business has really picked up recently with some big new clients. Over the last month, I decided to stope dragging my heels and found a few hours to get it in shape for an initial launch.

I’ve enjoyed doing the design work for this one, kept it simple and in line wit

Some of the Access Ropes products

Some of the Access Ropes products

h the access/safety industry. The AR mark has been created to look like rope around a coil. Colour wise, after a lot of changes we’ve settled on a neutral blue and a red/orange, echoing the safety and access industry. I’ve also been responsible for the photography of the products, choosing a knot commonly used in the access industry. We wanted to stand out from the competition by creating a really clean, easy to use shopping experience.

Our ecommerce system is based on the popular woocommerce platform – easy to use, update and with a vast amount of possible customisations and add ons. We use Stripe as our payment gateway. It’s been a steep learning curve but I hope I’m now at a stage where I’m comfortable developing ecommerce sites – something I hope to offer my clients as well as developing some of my own ideas. I’ve found the psychology side of ecommerce extremely interesting. This ecommerce book was particularly helpful, thoroughly recommended.

A really great ecommerce book that I found very useful in the development of Access Ropes

Our initial range of products is limited as we develop and curate our range based on market demands. We will be building into a resource for access professionals, climbers and hobbyists. Content is king with this sort of site and I look forward to using my skills to develop ebooks, resources, interactives and of course, interactives.

Check out the shop to see our full range, I’d love to get the feedback of others in the design community.