• Student placing mould on deckle
  • Student pulling a sheet of paper
  • Student putting paper onto felt
  • Me holding a deckle explaining to a class

I recently ran a paper making workshop at the London College of Communication as part of Green Week 2015. It’s a fantastic week with all sorts of amazing contributors and events, it’s open to the general public every year so look out for it again in early 2016.

The workshop was a basic introduction to paper making. I gave a run through of how to make paper at home with the minimum of equipment and effort. The hope is that students will begin to integrate it into their work and be more considerate about the materials they use. All the paper was made using old copies of the financial times – a relatively low quality material for making paper but colourful and slightly better than the cheaper newspapers.

We used additions kindly provided by Anna Cennamo (food for good). These included waste products from fruit and vegetable juice (beetroot, carrot and celery) to provide colour and texture. In the future we hope to experiment with making dye’s and inks from vegetables and plants as well as hopefully some properly beaten vegetable and plant fibres for use in paper making.

In the next few weeks, I will be offering paper making kits for sale on this site, will update in a subsequent blog post with more info. I also hope to do another paper making workshop at UAL in the near future.