This photo infographic was  created for the Baltic Travel Company. Photo infographics are not something that I have found to be in demand from my clients however with the right subject they can be very successful. This graphic uses photos shared on flickr licensed under creative commons. It’s a fantastic source of imagery that you are allowed to use providing you add attribution and details of the creative commons license.

Subject matter is extremely important, web consumers are very savvy to the corporate look that the uncreative use of photos can lend a graphic. If creating a photo composition, the photoshop work needs to be high quality with consistent colours and clean cut outs. One of my favourite graphics I’ve worked on was about the seasonal planting of vegetables. A rare time that a perfect brief came along!

Other photo infographics of mine include ‘How to make Turkish Delight’ and ’40 meals made out of plasticine’.

photo infographic image