Project Description

This car industry infographic was created to show the power of conglomerates. It’s always alarming to see how powerful these corporations are and how differently each subsidiary is marketed. We are given the illusion of choice. This takes some inspiration from this graphic we found on the food industry. The infographic shows each of the individual brands owned by each conglomerate using spider diagrams and goes on to show the total units sold by each conglomerate in 2014. The statistics for total car sales (2014) were sourced here.

We felt that it was of more value to show units sold for a car industry graphic than market share. It is more relevant to the theme of conglomerates and the statistics are accurate and definitive. Bar charts are the best way to show this sort of data as they allow small differences to be easily interpreted. I tried to keep the design simple, making sure the data was as easy to read as possible. I always aim to minimise ‘chartjunk’ and maximise the data-ink ratio when producing data-driven graphics such as this chart. The Visual Display of Quantitive Information by Edward Tufte is a great place to read more about these principles.

A work in progress of this infographic can be seen here. This version just uses the spider maps. NB – it excludes several large conglomerates, if you would like to buy a print copy of the simpler version, let me know and I will correct the graphic accordingly.

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