Project Description

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Charting the Elephant is an extensive project commissioned as the result of an initiative from the University of the Arts London.

Charting the Elephant aims to reveal the recent cultural and artistic heritage of the elephant and castle area.

The team at the London College of Communication (LCC) set out to research historic arts projects in the area, meticulously documenting everything they could find.

Originally conceived as an interactive map, once the scale became clear, we expanded the Charting the Elephant website to include a timeline and index.

The website was built in wordpress and allows the team to add new projects at the click of a button. The map utilises a google fusion table which autoupdates from a central spreadsheet. The timeline (built with timeline.js) also pulls in data directly from a a google sheet.

These solutions were the result of extensive research into what was achievable with existing web technologies. We have future proofed the site by making it as easy as possible for new content to be added as new people work on expanding the project. I really hope to see this become a resource for historic arts projects in the area and hope to apply the framework to other areas in the future.