Project Description

This infographic was designed for Nuique – vegetarian and vegan supplements. We were aiming to produce a comprehensive guide to diets –with emphasis on current ‘trendy’ diets. It’s interesting to see how much conjecture there is amongst them and the emerging trend for whole food and lifestyle diets such as Paleo and Mediterranean – in my opinion a positive step. It was difficult to remain unbiased on some of these but we just about clenched our teeth – the branded ones seem to be especially morally dubious money making schemes.

I will be making this infographic into an intereactive website which will filter each of the diets by aim – ie. weight loss, lifestyle, exercise using my newly acquired javascript knowledge.

The idea of a minimalist design for a diets was too appealing to resist but it was difficult to stay absolutely true to the original concept whilst including all of the information required – this is an extremely long graphic. I have designed an alternate much more minimalist guide to diets which fully explores this.

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