Project Description

extinct mammals infographic image

Extinct Mammals of the UK Infographic

This graphic from Wilderness Reserve digs into some of the amazing extinct mammals which once made their home here and the dates they went extinct.

One of the most incredible things about the United Kingdom is its huge range of wildlife. There are some truly amazing creatures living on these isles, but the past holds an even greater range of astonishing animals.

The infographic was designed in illustrator exclusively using polygons. It was designed in parallel with the black and white version. I was aiming to give it the feel of a wall chart like the ones that I remember from my childhood, drawing inspiration from the graphic heavy pages of Dorling Kindersely information books.

The notion of drawing objects particularly animals in polygons is not all that original – stock vector sites are plagued by them. I tried to add originality by using a bold range of colours and focusing on layout and simple type. It was also intended to be an experimental ‘infographic’ that moves away from the data and copy heavy norm to a more illustrative, image and composition focused approach. This infographic was turned around in one weekend.