Project Description

gifographic design shared parental leave

Gifographic design – Shared Parental Leave

This Gifographic design and report was produced for Totaljobs (see the shared parental leave page here) following a survey of members of the public about the impact of Shared Parental Leave 1 year in.

This is the first Gifographic design I have produced and it was a bit of learning curve! I tried to match the tone of the animations to the same voice used on the Totaljobs blog – lighthearted and engaging. The infographic was designed flat to start with before each section was animated and then comped back together to create final GIF.

I found this resource very helpful in figuring out how to compile a large GIF with different elements moving at different times. This was done by keeping the timings of each frame consistent and duplicating the frames to extend pauses.

The report was designed to be as readable as possible, highlighting the key takewaways of the survey whilst carrying across some of the style and illustrative elements from the main gifoographic. I used several graphic means to display the information including map graphics, and lots of nice tables and charts.

Alongside the report and gifographic, I designed a series of social assets for use across Totaljobs twitter and social accounts. This campaign led approach can be a very effective means of promotion and we are already seeing a good level of uptake on several large parenting blogs and resource websites.

The survey by Totaljobs was released on the same day as another captured the attention of the national press with the headline: ‘1% of new dads taking shared parental leave’. This in fact referred to the % of ALL male employees (including non-parents). It’s incredible to watch how quickly false information can spread without anyone checking the facts.

Only 50% of new parents took advantage of Shared Parental Leave and only 20% of those used the full 52 week allowance. Have you heard of it? Find out more here. 

A selection of page designs from the Shared Parental leave Report