Project Description

photo of a girl wearing a meet the tide t shirt
photo of the meet the tide logo
image of the meet the tide menu

Meet the Tide at UAL

I was commissioned by the University of the Arts London to assist the Energy and Environmental team in engaging the student body in a new initiative known as Meet the Tide. The aim of Meet the Tide is to make students aware of their individual carbon budgets whilst showing them the reasons why they should ingratiate sustainability into their everyday practices. More information about this in a blog post I wrote for UAL.

The new platform gives students transparent access to their individual carbon usage as well as the comparative performances of each of the six colleges at UAL.

We introduced monthly briefs around different sustainable themes. These briefs are open to all UAL students. A panel of professionals at the top of their respective fields will be evaluating the entries and selecting the best from each month.

Meet the Tide is a response to the increasing need for us to act on an individual level.

The best creative work is a result of multi-disciplinary collaboration between subjects. The hope is that Meet the Tide will encourage UAL students to work outside of their fields. Fashion students with typographers, advertising students with illustrators, interaction designers with architects all towards one common cause.

image of a banner for meet the tide
  • image of meet the tide av screen 2
  • image of meet the tide AV screen one
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photo of meet the tide response one
image of meet the tide response 2
  • image of meet the tide website wireframe
  • image of meet the tide website wireframe
  • image of meet the tide website wireframe
  • image of meet the tide website wireframe

Meet the Tide website wireframes

I was asked to produce wireframes for the Meet the Tide website. I designed them to give each student a platform to show their sustainable work, drawing on ideas of social proof to make sustainability more current and relevant within the university.