Project Description

Does Size Matter? Microsite design for Total Jobs

This microsite design was built for Total Jobs. The quiz was designed to help people determine what size company would suit them best. I illustrated and completed the front-end development for this project with a bit of help from Daniel Bruce on the backend.

The illustrations were drawn to match the tone of voice of Total jobs’ Inside Job blog – humorous and off-beat yet helpful and informative.

The quiz records user data and logs it an admin section of the site. The data we collected in the first couple of weeks (8,000 unique entries) was then used for a follow up infographic which I also designed. All credit to Mim at Total Jobs for the project management and survey design and Candid DaFonseca for the excellent copy.

Play the quiz!
See the follow up infographic
does size matter infographic

Does Size Matter – the follow up infographic

This infographic was designed using the data gathered from the original microsite. I used the same painterly style whilst being careful not to detract from the clarity of the data graphics. This infographic was launched on the Total Jobs Inside jobs blog to a wide audience.