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Sabroso Sauce

Sabroso sauce is a product that myself and Joe Shervell have made in our kitchen since 2013. I took on the design of the project whilst at university when I realised it’s potential could extend far beyond a jar of sauce. Our weekends were quickly immersed in preparing huge batches. At one point we were even invited to attend a major UK chilli festival.

The sauce is full of bold Mexican flavours and the brand developed around this. The idea for our sauce was to have the story behind it built around a ‘legend’. Legends and stories such as those entwined in Central American culture are passed down through generations, often taking on a life of their own. We wanted to emulate this with the story of Sabroso, inviting people to submit their own stories, drawings and creative responses to where they think the sauce comes from. The site will act as a platform for these responses, allowing users to show-off their creative skills and compare them to others. We have already been overwhelmed with the responses so far and the site is going live soon.

We have currently decided to take a backseat on the catering side of the business due to a lack of time and experience (too many burnt batches!). We are currently focusing on the marketing and community development whilst looking for London based producers to partner up with. If you are interested or know anyone that might be, feel free to get in touch.

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