Project Description

The Human Capital Framework

I worked with the RSA in an information design capacity to help visualise the Human Capital Framework – a collaboration between CIMA, CMI and CIPD. The purpose of the framework is as follows:

‘To help employers better understand the impact their people have on the performance of their organisation and as a result make better people management and workforce investment-related decisions.

The framework presents a means of measuring and reporting on human capital, which is a starting point from which to shape the debate and create some momentum. It reflects the collective views of leaders from the HR and finance community, as well as experts from the major accountancy firms, consultancies and researchers in this space.’

It was fantastic to work with the RSA on this exciting project. Several of the development sketches and early versions can be seen on the left.

“Far from being an exercise in statistics, human capital analytics will in future play a fundamental role in enabling organisations to better understand, develop and articulate these employee value propositions and their traction in meeting the simultaneous and converging requirements across multiple stakeholders.”