Project Description

future leaders logos image

Logos created for the teams involved in the 2016 Future Leaders Programme

I was commissioned by the UK Green building council to help to visualise innovative presentations prepared teams from the Future Leaders Programme. The Future Leaders Programme brings together early stage professionals from different areas of industry in a unique programme of innovation and leadership. The programme provides a forum for the leaders of tomorrow to tackle the critical issues that the sector will face in the coming years.

Collaborating with professionals in different fields has always been a big part of what I do so this was a fantastic project to work on. I was responsible for visualising the ideas of 6 different teams – Stay Well. 2nd Life, Give Us Space, Aplotment, Breathable and Salmo. I created basic identities for each of the presentations and provided working documents so the teams had the option to bring elements into future work. We went through several iterations and I worked closely with the teams over Skype and the phone.

Feedback from the client was excellent and I look forward to following the progress of the programme into the future.

Stay well presentation board image

Stay Well presentation board

Salmo presentation board image

Salmo presentation board

Aplotments presentation board image

Aplotments presentation board

Breathable presentation board image

Breathable presentation board

Give Us Space presentation board image

Give us Space presentation board

2nd life presentation board image

2nd Life presentation board