It’s been a few weeks in the making this one. Websites always seem to take longer than I expect, half a day figuring out why the form won’t work, analytics, security, SEO, the list goes on.

Anyway I think I’m there, enough for now anyway. I’ll be working on fancy sliders, videos and loads of other stuff in the next couple of weeks so there’ll be a few evenings in maintenance mode.

For the new website I’ve decided to go down the CMS route. I tried to learn php but it got a bit mathsy for me and security wise it wasn’t something I wanted to go wrong. I haven’t gone down this route before as I wanted to learn the code behind the sites. With a few excellent books, I managed to get my head around HTML5 and CSS3 with occasional bits of javascript. It’s helped with wordpress development as I’m now very at home with child themes and media queries.

I based the site on the amazing theme Avada. I’ve been so impressed with the functionality, support and ease at which plug-ins integrate into the themes style. Aside from a few small modifications and styling changes I haven’t had any problems with it.

A CMS is much easier to manage giving me complete control over my analytics, SEO hints and loads of great plugins and easy to implement apps. It will hopefully make updating the site much more likely.

The portfolios section is a bit slight at the moment as I’m currently getting some photography sorted for some of the projects I’ve been working on recently.

If you’re so inclined, follow, email, bookmark this site and I’ll do my best to do interesting things to put on it.

Happy New Year!